Mr. Possessive

It’s February! Love month! I was keeping my fingers crossed that Cupid was going to shoot that lovely arrow at the perfect man for me! Sigh… Think Cupid really missed his target with this next one!

I started talking with this guy on the free site the week of valentine’s day. He was older, 35 I think, he worked as veterinary assistant and he seemed really sweet. He was easy to talk to and easy on the eyes. He didn’t alarm me in any way yet…so we exchanged numbers. Now I work and have two kids at home, I don’t have time to talk on the phone during the day and when I get home it’s all about my kids. Phone conversations generally don’t happen for me until after 9pm. Mr. Possessive wanted to talk on the phone and it seemed only on the phone. The first day I could not engage him in any type of text conversation. The second day we spoke on the phone for a total of 20 minutes. It was a snow day and I was home with the kids. He seemed sweet on the phone and really into me. We talked about our likes and dislikes, nothing to deep. We also set up a date for that Saturday night. He told me to call him later that evening once kids were in bed. I forgot and passed out early. Being home with the kids for the umpteenth snow day this year had me at my wits end!

I get a text the next morning, bright and early at 7 am, saying “thanks for the call!” I could feel the attitude coming through my phone. He followed it up with a “u didn’t miss me?” RED FLAG Seriously how could I miss someone I barely knew?

I decided to drop it and called him on my lunch break. It was Valentine’s Day and the day of my daughters birthday party at school. His words after I told him why I didn’t call him the night before were “well next time you need to text me and tell me your too tired to talk, okay?!” Hmmm.. I was not liking this…I do not like being bossed around and let alone from some guy I don’t know. I told him that number 1 I couldn’t miss him because I didn’t even know him and number 2 I fell asleep so texting to let him know that is kind of impossible. He then asked what I had planned for valentines day. I explained to him I was only going to work for half day as I was having a party for my daughter at her daycare. He asked if her dad, The Phantom, was going.
I said “of course he is, that’s her dad, I’m picking him up from train station and then we are headed over there.”
Mr. Possessive ” what? Why are you picking him up? Doesn’t he have a car?”
Me: ” yes he does, but it’s currently buried under god knows how many feet of snow, and the train station is literally on my way to her daycare, so it’s not a big deal.”
Mr. Possessive: ” yeah no it kind of is a big deal, why are you bending over backwards for him. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend who could do that for? I don’t like you hanging out so close to
Me: “excuse me?! Um I’m not bending over backwards, he can’t get his car out because it’s covered under snow and ice, his girlfriend works and I’m not going to disappoint my daughter. She wants her father there then I’ll make sure he is there”

This conversation went back and forth and practically led to an argument about what type of relationship I had with the Phantom. At this point, me and the Phantom were really trying to maintain a friendly relationship for the kids because neither of us particularly liked drama. At the end of the day, our children are what matters most and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let some strange guy come in and dictate what I can and can’t do. He ended up backing off but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Later than evening I got a text from him, this is how our convo went verbatim! I’m the green he is the gray:






Can we say asshole and creepy! What a douche! I wasn’t even nasty, I was trying to be honest since he insisted I give “us” a shot and I even wished him luck in finding a girl who met his needs. I really wasn’t trying to be nasty and I genuinely did wish him the best until the next comment. What an ignorant thing to say!!! And he took crazy stalker to a whole other level with his friends who are cops comment. I blocked his ass so fast! And I reported to the free site. I hope they denied him access! I feel bad for the next girl!

Since that right there pretty much scared the shit out of me, I deactivated my free profile and took a little breather. This whole online dating thing was now going way off course!


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