Mr. Boring…

This date was so bland I had trouble writing about it.

The holidays came and went without much drama from the Phantom. (That’s a whole other post) Finally I was into the new year and determined to leave the phantom and all his damage in 2013. 2014 was going to be about my kids and me and that’s it!

And…I finally got a hit on the paid dating site! WOOHOOO! Now to be quite honest the only reason I sent the guy questions was because we had the same job title and I wondered if we worked for the same agency. He was 30, from a neighboring but very close state, and he was okay looking. I was trying my best not to judge a book by it’s cover but I figure if I’m going to date you I need to at least like to look at you! Anyways, we went through the whole 3 step process of formulated questions and then got to the free write section. He immediately asked where I worked and it turns out we did actually work for same agency but in different regions. I guess that helped the conversation flow because we easily switched to texting and then decided to set up a date.

We met a popular restaurant for lunch on a Sunday. He looked better in his pictures, but he wasn’t doing it for me. He was just so blah, we had an okay conversation and had some similar interests but I just was not into him. Through out the lunch he kept staring at me and not in a creepy eye fucking way just weird. I found him to be a bit socially awkward which isn’t a big deal because I’m generally very shy when I meet people but he just had certain quirks about him. He actually said he found me quite bold and outspoken-which could not be farther from the truth about me, but I wasn’t in the best mood that day either. I also felt like I was being interrogated about my job. Even though we work for same agency we had a lot of differences in how things were run because of the different regions. His area was also more union centered. Turns out he was also the union rep for his office. I felt like if I said the wrong thing he was going to report me or something. He also asked way to many questions about the Phantom for a first date. Which was not a good thing considering the Phantom and I had a HUGE blowout the night before so I was not feeling particularly friendly about that topic. Finally it was the end and we went our merry ways, we kissed on the cheek goodbye (thank god). We talked on the IM system our agency had set up a few times after that but suffice it to say I don’t think either of us were really interested in going on another date. Fine by me.

What did I learn from this date? DO NOT GO ON DATES THE DAY AFTER A FIGHT WITH THE PHANTOM! I wear my feelings on my sleeve and I think some of the anger and tension I was feeling could also be sensed in my words. Also just because someone works for the same agency as you should not be a reason to date someone!

Free dating site- 3
Paid dating site- 1 and it was a dud!

Yawn! Exactly how I felt after the date and after writing this!



One thought on “Mr. Boring…

  1. lol this is pretty funny! I recently went on a date with a guy who I called Boring (yes I’m probably karmaing myself for that …. ) but there was just nothing there. Nada. You definitely can’t force it! So I can relate 🙂

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